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14 декабря 2017

Жилет сигнальный для водителей

Законом установлена обязанность водителей пользоваться сигнальными жилетами на дороге в темное время суток

14 декабря 2017

Правила по ОТ при осуществлении охранной деятельности

Новые правила по охраны труда для юридических лиц с особыми уставными задачами, ведомственной охраны, частных ...


Отзыв:    Мы обратились в ЦОТИПИ с конкретной задачей, при входе на объект строительства, требовалось предоставить ...
Ответ:  Андрей Леонидович,  ваш отзыв будет очень полезен, для развития нашего центра! Желаем вам, постоянного увеличения ...


13 декабря 2017

Государственные нормативные требования охраны труда

Государственные нормативные требования охраны труда, действующие в Российской Федерации.


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    English version


    Centr of labor protection and rights awareness LLC Russia

    The company offers a full complex of services on labor protection, fire safety, health. All work is in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of labour law.

    • Development of documentation on labor protection

    • Organization of personnel training organizations according to current safety regulations

    • Coordination of projects and documents to the state Supervisory authorities (Moscow city)

    • Certification of products for compliance with regulations of the customs Union of Russia

    • The special assessment of working conditions

    • Occupational risk assessment

    • Full technical inspection of structures (racking systems, building structure)

    • Accident investigation on production

    • Check state regulatory agencies

    We are always glad to help you!

    Centr of labor protection and rights awareness LLC Russia

     The company provides services for organizations in field of labor law, safety and labor protection, rightes of employees, employers duties.

    The list of basic services to organisations (employers in Russia)

    • the outsourcing system of labor protection in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation

    • training on labor protection for managers and specialists

    • traning on electrical safety

    • training on fire safety

    • the organization of civil defense and protection from emergency situations

    • supply of equipment and goods on labor protection and fire safety

    • the special assessment of working conditions

    • evaluation of professionals risks

    • certification of products for compliance with the requirements of legislation in Russia

    • laboratory and environmental investigations

    • audit and participation in pravicah state regulatory agencies

    • investigation in accordance with the Russian legislation and making unhappy cases with employees

    The state hard enough reglamentary all that relates to labor protection and safety employees, fire safety, ecology, civil defense and emergencies. Therefore, the company needs to be a clear system governing these areas and includes a specially designed documentation, activities and staff training.

    If companys (employers in Russia) is not have the professionals responsible for labor protection, industrial and environmental safety, civil defense and emergencies, the best way to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce costs in these areas becomes outsourcing is the delegation of certain functions to special professional company.

    "The center of labor protection and legal awareness" offers assistance in solving any problems concerning health and safety, electrical and fire safety, environmental activities, organization of system of civil defense and emergencies.

    Our experts will find the best way out of a difficult situation, and the teachers of the centre efficiently prepare your staff for courses on ecology, FROM, first aid and others.



    NEWS 2016

    Centr of labor protection and rights awareness LLC Russia together with the Nordic Choice Hotels (Scandinavia) inc., announces the international seminar on labor  law, safety and labor protection, rightes of employees, employers duties.

    The International seminar will be held in Copenhagen (Denmark) 26 August 2016.